Our Story

Our founder grew up in Miami in a first-generation Cuban family, where traditions centered around Cuban link chains.  Families came together for special occasions giving each other gifts, often Cuban style jewelry in gold and silver. 

“I’ll never forget as a kid when my grandfather passed away, his gold Cuban bracelet was handed down to me as the oldest grandson, and that chain and the pride around it inspired our business today.”

After serving time in the Marines as an adult, the founder returned to Miami to reconnect with his roots.  He began building a jewelry brand that honored the iconic style and diverse culture of Miami, including the influence of the local Cuban heritage. 

The “Cuban Link” happens to date back to ancient Egyptian times, when the pharaohs would adorn themselves in thick, brilliant, intricate necklaces to showcase their power, strength, wisdom and ambition. Fast forward to today, and gold and silver chains have been reinvented for everything from a dressed-up statement look to an everyday turnkey go-to. 

We are excited for you to try it out and tell us how it feels. Our goal is to give you that fresh feeling - like getting that haircut and coming out confident, clean, renewed, ready to go. Our hand-crafted styles symbolize the essence of Miami, which is at once modern, yet deeply-rooted in tradition–resulting in the tropicality, vibrancy, and energy of Miami-style. Welcome to the Miami Links fam!